How To Get Backlinks With Social Listening

Why are backlinks important? It’s very simple. Links serve as a vote of confidence from other websites, indicating that your content is extremely valuable and authoritative. In other words, despite what some marketers will try to tell you, backlinks are vital to succeeding with SEO.

However, obtaining high-quality backlinks can be a challenging task. It’s time-consuming and can be really boring if you’re doing lots of outreach.

One effective strategy that can significantly boost your backlink profile is social listening. 

How Does Social Listening Help in Obtaining Backlinks?

Social listening involves monitoring online conversations, discussions, and mentions related to your brand, industry, or specific topics. By actively listening to what people are saying about your niche, you can identify new opportunities to engage with key players in your industry and build valuable connections. So, how can social listening lead to backlinks…

Identify Relevant Conversations

Social listening allows you to monitor conversations happening across various social media platforms, forums, and online communities. By focusing on discussions related to your industry or target audience, you can pinpoint new opportunities where you can contribute valuable insights and establish yourself as an authority figure.

Engage with Influencers and Thought Leaders

Through social listening you will be able to identify influencers and thought leaders within your industry. Engaging with them, sharing their content, offering valuable input, or initiating discussions can help you to build genuine relationships. 

Discover Content Gaps

You can also try monitoring online conversations where you can identify topics or questions that have not been adequately covered in existing content. This presents an opportunity for you to create valuable content which can fill those gaps. When you publish well-researched and informative content, other websites may choose to reference or link to it, providing you with valuable backlinks.

Monitor Brand Mentions

Social listening tools enable you to track mentions of your brand or website across different platforms. When you come across positive mentions, reach out to the content creators and express your gratitude for the content they have put out. Building a positive relationship with these individuals increases the likelihood of them linking to your website or asking for an “expert quote” in the future.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Social listening not only allows you to monitor your own brand but also keeps you informed about your competitors’ activities. By analyzing where your competitors are active you can identify potential link-building opportunities for your business. Additionally, you can also uncover websites that are linking to your competitors and reach out to them to explore similar partnerships.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Social listening enables you to discover user-generated content that mentions or relates to your brand. If users are creating content around your products or services, encourage them to link back to your website or at least mention your brand. This can be done by providing them with incentives, featuring their content on your platforms, or engaging in conversations with them.

Best Practices for Social Listening to Maximize Backlink Opportunities

Implementing social listening effectively requires a strategic approach. To make the most out of this technique and maximize your backlink opportunities you need to first define your goals.

Before diving into social listening, clearly define your objectives. Identify the specific types of businesses you want to acquire backlinks from and the target audience you want to engage with. Having a clear direction will help you focus your efforts and make the most out of social listening.

There are numerous social listening tools available in the market. Research and select the ones that align with your needs and budget. Tools like Mention, Brandwatch, and Hootsuite can assist you in monitoring conversations across various platforms and tracking brand mentions effectively.

Identify the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry, niche, or target audience. Use these keywords to set up alerts in your social listening tools. By monitoring these keywords, you can stay updated on the latest conversations and engage with them promptly.

When participating in online discussions, always strive for authenticity. Avoid overly promotional or sales-oriented language. Instead, focus on providing real value, answering questions, and genuinely engaging with the community. Authenticity builds trust and increases the likelihood of others linking back to your website.


Can social listening help me find backlink opportunities beyond social media?

Absolutely! Social listening extends beyond social media platforms. It encompasses forums, blogs, review websites, and other online communities where people discuss topics related to your niche. By monitoring these platforms, you can identify opportunities to engage and secure backlinks.

How can I effectively engage with influencers and thought leaders?

Engaging with influencers and thought leaders requires genuine interest and valuable contributions. Start by sharing their content, leaving thoughtful comments, and asking insightful questions. Make an effort to build relationships gradually, and focus on providing value rather than solely seeking backlinks.

How do I discover content gaps through social listening?

When engaging in social listening, pay attention to the questions, concerns, and topics that people in your industry or target audience frequently discuss. If you notice recurring gaps in information or unresolved queries, you can create new content that addresses those gaps. This increases the chances of attracting backlinks from websites looking to provide their readers with valuable resources.

Is it important to track brand mentions?

Yes, tracking brand mentions is crucial for building relationships and acquiring backlinks. When you come across positive mentions of your brand or website, it’s a good opportunity to engage with the content creator and express your appreciation. This not only strengthens your relationship but also increases the likelihood of them linking to your website in the future.


At EMGI we are experts at building authoritative backlinks for our clients. We use a combination of different link-building strategies to earn our clients backlinks that they are impressed with. This is what has led us to be featured as a Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency by DesignRush.

We don’t exclusively use social listening, but it’s definitely a strategy we recommend to all of our clients, who are looking to build backlinks on their own.

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