We Helped Neuroflash Increase Organic Traffic By Nearly 100k


Over a period of several months, we built more than 15 high-authority backlinks for Neuroflash. With our relationship-focused approach to link building, we acquired placements from rons of DR70+ websites. We formulated a very specific anchor and page strategy in order to strategically target high-impact commercial keywords. As a result, we were able to help Neuroflash rank top three for major keywords getting 10k searches a month, generate thousands in sales, and increase traffic by almost 100k visitors.

Client Intro

Neuroflash is an 8-figure ARR company operating in the generative AI niche. Their most notable competitors are Jasper, Copy.ai, and Writesonic. A huge challenge for Neuroflash is OpenAi’s revolutionary and free tool – ChatGPT. Despite this, Neuroflash is the largest AI content suite solution in Europe with an impressive 500k+ users. 

Their service offerings extend beyond AI writing, they also offer an interesting AI image and font generator as well as in-built SEO optimization software. The combination of these factors allows Neuroflash to have a unique market position.

What We Did

With our clients, we never go in blind. Being purposeful and having a deliberate strategy is absolutely key to success.

We don’t conduct outreach randomly or by using automation software. Definitely not slamming this strategy, it’s an okay way to get okay links, BUT our approach is much better.

Why is it better? 

Because what we do is so customized for each client and doesn’t rely on any generic methods. I will walk you through what we did for Neuroflash.

  1. Held an initial strategy assessment call with the CMO and SEO Lead.
  1. We made a list of 10-15 different pages on the website to build links to. This was a mix of the home page, services pages, and high-impact blog pages. 
  1. Evaluated metrics and keywords the specific pages were ranking well for and had the potential to rank better for.
  1. Leveraged a significant network of SEO professionals and editorial teams to select relevant domains for Neuroflash.
  1. Conducted an evaluation on each domain to identify pages with the most relevance to the client’s pages. 
  1. Planned out the anchor text strategy for each page we wanted to build links to. We created a distribution strategy that prioritized keyword-based anchors, while keeping an extremely natural balance by using branded and generic anchors.
  1. Acquired contextual link insertions on already indexed and well-performing pages by adding value to the other website/company,

Sure, while there are some similarities between this method and other SEO agencies, there are fundamental differences. Primarily, we don’t work in the outreach-heavy fashion. We believe that this approach is inefficient for SaaS businesses who require super high-quality backlinks to stand out from their competitors.

In other words, you can’t do what every other SaaS business is doing and expect way different results.

You need to prioritize quality and relevance over everything – that is the EMGI way.

You want to get backlinks from websites that traffic looks like this…


And even, this.

Sites with DR scores like these:

No brainer, right?

It’s no secret that we charge more per backlink than the industry average, but we confidently say that we deliver WAY above the industry average in terms of quality, service, reporting, and communication.

Benefits and Results

If you’re going to invest in a marketing service of any capacity, then getting results is necessary.

There are no guarantees in SEO and if anyone tries to make them to you – run.

So, although we don’t make guarantees we can still do something really great, and show you examples of the great results we’ve achieved for clients. 

Here is what happened to Neuroflash’s traffic in the period we worked together.

Other than helping increase traffic by nearly 100k monthly visitors.

We also helped Neuroflash:

  1. Rank top three for commercial keywords with over 10k monthly searches.
  2. Helped increase their DR to 67.
  3. Generate more sales and excel in the generative AI industry.

Not bad for a few months of work.

What do you think makes these results more impressive than other marketing channels like paid ads?

Simple – sustainability.

SEO results are not temporary. SEO results don’t mean leads. SEO results are not artificially inflated.

While getting results like these requires strategy and consistency in terms of link-building and supporting content strategy.

SEO results are much longer-term because once you are ranking well for certain keywords it’s likely that you will continue to rank for them for months (or even years).